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Sophia Muharram was born in São Paulo, Brazil, and raised in Miami, Florida. She is a bilingual dual citizen and comes from a very proud and loud Brazilian Latina family! She is a first generation student at the Boston Conservatory studying musical theatre who is passionate about sharing and creating Latiné stories.

She received her musical theatre diploma from New World School of the Arts in Miami, and knew from the get-go that theatre is what she wanted to do. She is very grateful to have a family who has supported her from the very beginning, and has sacrificed so much for her to be where she is now. Doing theatre feeds her soul and heart, and she feels very lucky to be able to perform when she has the opportunity to do so! Muharram recently made her professional debut in Lizzie: the musical as the title role at the Umbrella Center of the Arts in Concord, MA.

She has been lucky enough to be immersed in music her entire life, playing the violin and alto saxophone from elementary school to the beginning of high school. She got into singing by being a part of multiple middle/elementary school clubs like: jazz combo, concert band, advanced orchestra, and choir.


One day in sixth grade, she saw a flyer for auditions for Annie at her middle school, and auditioned--only to sob during her entire audition. However, despite her *dramatic* rendition of "Part of Your World" (to say the least), she booked the role of Mrs. Pugh and has never looked back! See for yourself below:


MOI Project.png
A video of a very excited eleven-year-old Sophia as Mrs. Pugh in Palmetto Middle School's production of Annie

©2023 by Sophia Muharram

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